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Tally Customization : How Tally can be Integrated into the Business

Tally customization comes with many perks for its customers but the best is attained when you draw its benefits from the best Tally software. YENNES is an accredited organization that has decades of experience in installation, conformation, implementation and training of Tally. We provide Tally by customizing it as per your specific and changing business needs and this blog will cover how tally customization can be used to profit your business requirements.
Data Migration – the Tally integration team at YENNES enables to efficiently port data from other application into Tally and vice-versa and this saves cost and hikes performance. This is done by facilitating import and export of data in standard formats such as CSV and XML.
Business specific solutions – efficiently manages accounting and inventory with extreme flexibility and adaptability to meet the changing business needs. We develop modules that are necessary for particular verticals like Hospitals, Hotels, educational institutions, where the daily billings are the criterion.
Tally.NET technology – this tool gives you remote access such that sales personnel can check inventory status before order bookings from any location. The Chartered Accountants can also access and review business data remotely with this technology, hence can make the corrections in the books of accounts then and there.
Tally Definition Language or TDL– the execution centre of the software package can easily be updated and modified according to the changing needs of your business. With Tally Definition Language, you can customize many functionalities starting from the default behavior to the user interface, tools, data elements, functionalities and the business logic as well and that too inside a minimum time frame. It may be the inout screen or at the report level, any kinds of changes /tweaking can be made to the clients requirement as per the line of business.

These are a few of the integrations we do
• Data Synchronization setup – between head office, branches & factories
• Invoice & PO Customizations – and other documents
• Integration with other products and devices
• Extending the product functionality to suit specific needs
• Customizing Synchronization and data transformation
Payroll management and customization
Other benefits of Tally customization includes increased performance, the ability to explore the full potential of the Tally accounting software, increased security levels, minimized cost and increased productivity and also a significant business advantage over and above competition since companies that use customized Tally gain cost, time and resource over others.

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