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In the world arena, Tally has been grandly accepted as a dependable and robust business management application, which is highly versatile and can meet all the requirements of start-ups as well as business leaders. Effectiveness and high efficiency coupled with extraordinary speed and innovative service has placed Tally ERP.9 as the most favored software for businesses with varying profiles. what-is-a-5-star-certified-tally-partner
YENENS a Five Star Sales and Solutions partner is highly capable and an efficient organization whose core competency lies in their strong technical and domain knowledge. These partners are certified to deliver the Tally standard of experience. They sell Tally products and provide services, as well as build customized solutions for unique business requirements. Be it a manufacturing company from SME segment, or a large enterprise into consulting, or a company from a niche segment, Certified Partners can cater to their requirements with ease. YENNES have the capability to understand the core business concerns and suggest the right product/technology to address them.
Tally Certified partners have been classified based on their organizational strengths and their aspirations with Tally business. The certified partners specialize in the sales, implementation and solutions of Tally products. They are characterized by their ability to deliver a great customer experience which enables them to grow faster. They are process-driven organizations and based on the kind of customers they reach out to, they will be classified as 3 star partners and 5 star partners. While the former group will meet regular and generic business solution needs, the latter will cater to more complex and larger business requirements.
The 5 star certified Tally partners cater to a client’s complex or unique business requirements. The specialized skills includes, building solutions (over and above the default Tally product) that are tailor-made as per the client’s business segment and operations. These partners effectively understand the client’s requirement, build and deliver the right-fit solution for their business. Hence any organization who is a tally user can blindly take the services of a five-star certified Sales and Solutions partner like YENNES for their services and implementation of Tally in full faith.

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