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Alerts & Control Management

  1. Voucher Time Control

“Voucher Time Control” module facilitates in fixing time limits for putting through financial transactions. On installing this module, the vouchers can be entered in the system, only during a pre-determined time. Operations will not be allowed beyond the particular time and the system will throw an error message. Add-on module serves as a fraud prevention tool and also helps in maintaining confidentiality of the  transactions.

  1. Duplicate Bill Reference

Raising of bills of sale is of utmost importance in sales and it is very essential that the reference number of the bills are maintained properly, for effective follow-up for payments. Any wrong reference or duplication in the numbering of bills would result in financial loss to the company.

This module offers the efficiency of accurate numbering of the bills. On enabling this feature, the system will accept only unique reference numbers and bills with the same reference numbers cannot be keyed in. An error message is also displayed on the screen.

  1. Negative Cash / Stock Position

Business processes require proper control mechanisms in day to day accounting, to monitor the liquidity position of the company. Such built in checks in the accounting software for cash management and stock management contribute to the increase in the profitability of any organization. Moreover, these checks for restricting transactions in case of negative cash and stock balances pave way for better monitoring of both the cash and stock balances.

Our specialized add-on has an advantageous feature of throwing  error message / blocking transactions in case of inadequate cash balance and stock. This feature helps in planning the cash flow (both inward / outward) and also take vital business decisions on maintenance of optimal inventory.

  1. Credit Control Management

Sale on credit is a common business practice , but effective tracking of the outstanding  bills is very vital for raising further bills on customers, having outstanding overdue bills. Data on balance outstanding should be instantly available at the time of further sale to the same customer having overdues. Such an information would be of use in taking a prudent  business decision about the sale.  This module helps the sales team to decide about putting through sale to customers with overdues by displaying an error message.

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