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The importance of monitoring the outstanding amounts of the customer / supplier plays a very vital role in augmentation of the profits of the organization. It would be an added advantage if all the important details of the customers / suppliers are available in a single page. This add-on module gives the benefit of viewing the vital data of customers / suppliers like a dashboard.

YENNES’s add-on “Customer-Supplier Monitoring Tool” has the facility to display in one screen:

  • Name of the Customers / Suppliers with full contact detail.
  • Opening Balance, Current Total & Closing Balance.
  • Pending Amount Receivable / Payable.
  • Receivable / Payable due date.
  • Overdue period – in days.
  • Date & Voucher type E.g. Debit / Credit voucher.
  • Easy reconciliation of the data of suppliers / customers.

A. Customer & Supplier Monitoring Tool

B. CEO Dashboard

CEO of any organization would be required to take important business decisions about the functioning of the company, based on few important parameters. CEO will not have the luxury of time to go through various menus of the software to get first hand information about the various important parameters. CEO Dashboard module empowers the CEO of viewing the important details of the company in a single screen. Important details that are displayed  include : Cash & Bank balances, Outstanding receivables /payables, Opening / Closing stocks, Gross / Net profit, Top 5 customers / suppliers / products / Top 3 overdue bills.

C. Cost Center Balance Sheet & P/L Account

Cost centers play an important role in determining the profitability of a company. So it is important that the cost centers parameters are constantly monitored by the management of the organization. A comprehensive screen displaying the vital cost centers of the company is the preference of any decision maker. This module brings into a single screen, the cost centers of both Balance Sheet & P/L Account. Such a screen can be used in review meetings / board meetings and other important top-management meetings.

D. Expand all levels in Balance Sheet

Balance sheet of any organization is the ultimate document which lists the various financial parameters of a company under one-head. Each entry in the balance sheet has several segments which are hidden and reference has to be made to the various schedules of the balance sheet to look for the break-up figures. This add-on module facilitates display of the break-up of any item of the balance sheet, by clicking on it. This feature is helpful in board meetings for customized viewing of any item of the Balance Sheet.

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