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Prosecution and Compounding under GST

We have discussed about the various offences under GST, and also we have gone through the various penalties corresponding to the various offences in detail. In this blog, we will discuss about prosecution provisions under GST, and also about how compounding of offenses have been defined in the GST law, to save time in judicial Read More

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Recent AAR Rulings

  Recent AAR Rulings – Food, Beverages & Catering Services We had discussed about the advance ruling mechanism under GST. If you recall, the first level of jurisdiction as far as advance ruling is concerned, is held by a body known as the Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR). An AAR a.k.a. Authority of Advance Rulings is Read More

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Arrest under GST

We discussed about the provisions of seizure under GST. While inspection, search and seizure are stringent procedures by themselves, the fact remains that if a taxable person has committed an offence which warrants a greater punishment, then he can be arrested by an officer, under the GST norms. In this blog, we will go through Read More

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