Madras Cricket Club - A case study

Business Challenges:

The Challenges faced in managing club database is provided below • Member Database Management • Member dependent details could not be managed properly • Subscription details of Member and their expiry. • Member facilities usage • Member Attendance could not be marked properly. • Inventory Management Problem • Mange credit limits of member manually. • Manual KOT Billing • Tracking of Bills to close Member outstanding • Availability of Rooms. Check in / Check out tracking issues. • Issuing Manual Bills to Members. • Data Security Issues.

The Solution on Tally ERP.9

This solution on Tally.ERP 9 facilitates the exact needs of the club. Member
management, Smart card integration, KOT / BOT Billing, Facilities
Management, Room Management, Inventory Management, Finance /Accounting Management, Payroll with complete accounting, inventory &
MIS Reports.

How it was done:

  • Member Mailing Details
  • Member Type
    Dependent Details
  • Member / Dependent Photo Display
  • Member Subscription Details (Monthly / Annual)
  • Member Games Subscriptions
  • Outstanding (Receivables)
  • Member Monthly Billing
  • Member’s MIS Reports

  • Member Attendance
  • KOT using Smart Card Access
  • Cash Recharge on Card
  • Card Balance
  • Card Balance Refund
  • Reports

  • Manual KOT (Kitchen Order Token)
  • Smart Card KOT
  • Party KOT
  • Games KOT
  • Kitchen wise KOT
  • BAR wise BOT (Bar Order Token)
  • MIS Reports

  • Cards
  • Billiards
  • Health Club
  • Tennis
  • BAR
  • Gymnasium 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Reports

  • Transactions
  • Rooms check-in.
  • Room Reservation and cancellation.
  • Room extension / change / transfer / upgrade.
  • Final Settlement.
  • Receipt of cash / credit / debit card.
  • Reports
  • Room Availability &
    Occupancy Report.

  • Room reservation status report.

  • Day wise Check – in & Check – Out Report

  • Room Booking Register

  • Room Bill Printing


  • Kitchen Stock
  • BAR Stock
  • Raw Materials
  •  Food Products and its BOM (ingredients)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase of Goods
  • Store wise Stock
  • Movement Reports
  • Stock Summary Reports
  • Location wise Summary Reports
  • Batch wise Stock Report

  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Accounting Registers
  • Cash / Bank Books
  • Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Audit Reports and all

  • Auto SMS
  • Kitchen Bills
  • BAR Bills
  • Games Usage Bills
  • Monthly Bills
  • Receipts
  • Auto E-Mail
  • Monthly Bills
  • Monthly Usage Statements
    ü Receipts

  • User Level Security & Controls

  • Menu Level Security & Controls

  • Credit Limit Controls on Member usage

  • Report Level Controls

  • Field Level Controls based on requirements


• Real time database sync
• Secured User level access.
• Timely Data Analysis.
• Automatic Monthly Billing
• No More Paper work
• Smart Card Access to manage Member attendance
• Systemized KOT Billing
• Efficient Room Management to allocate or check in/out
• No more waiting in Queue for Bills.
• Automated SMS & Emails to send Monthly Bills.
• Group wise, Item wise , Batch wise inventory management.

Madras Cricket Club:

For nearly a hundred years, the club remained an exclusive preserve of the ‘Europeans’, opening its doors to Indian members only after the Independence. During those hundred years, it had played its role to perfection – that of promoting and developing not only cricket but also hockey and tennis and squash. In fact, the Madras Cricket Club was instrumental in giving direction to every sport gaining ground in the Presidency. It had maintained the Chepauk cricket ground with loving care; its sporting wicket and its picturesque old pavilion. From its earlier days until the Madras Cricket Association gradually took over the administration of the sport – and even then it was led by MCC members – the club it was that organized all representative cricket. playing host to national and international teams. It set an example by conducting matches with clockwork precision and smooth efficiency. It continues to conduct a prestigious allIndian Hockey tournament which is over a hundred years old. It is the home of South Indian Squash and, boasting of one of the best facilities in the country, it hosts tournaments with great success. For years the MCC Tennis tournament provided some of the best competition in that game. (Source : MCC website)