MRF Limted - Case Study

Business Challenges

The MRF Managed to take Purchase Order from Franchises and update orders manually in the SAP System and MRF Franchises also managed their Tyre Stock and Accounts manually and Purchase Orders places to MRF Over phone or Email. However, most of their work, including reconciliation of orders with deliveries and bills with receipts was manual. This resulted in inaccuracy and poor visibility. Without automation, access to MIS was also a distant dream for them.

Solution - Tally ERP 9 - Customization by Yennes Infotec

YENNES customized the solution in Tally.ERP9 to generate Automatic Purchase Orders based on Franchises’s Minimum Order Quantity Level. MRF has online FTP that mediates data flow between the MRF Franchises Tally.ERP9 system to MRF SAP system using XML files. Tight integration ensures that both applications seamlessly communicate with each other 3 times a day Auto XML upload. The security of data is also maintained by validating the requests sent by MRF Franchises and MRF. The general consensus in the market was to go with Tally, for it was an established brand, synonymous with simplicity and accuracy. We have Implemented Tally.ERP9 customized solution more than 650 MRF Franchises across India successfully. MRF Limited experienced seamless automatic Purchase Order generation for the first time. In a matter of three years, they were confident enough to move their wide-ranging inventory to Tally.ERP 9 as well.

The Outcome

Other than saving 60% of crucial business time, Tally.ERP 9 has helped the top Management at MRF Limited to take timely and informed decisions. The Sr. General Manager Mr. Sandeep Abraham, finds real-time business intelligence reports which include Stock Statements, Daily Order Summary, Franchises wise Automatic Order and Manual Orders, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Re-Order Quantity(ROQ) Reports. MRF Franchises finds real-time business intelligence reports like Stock Summary, Daily Sales Reports, Pending Purchase Orders, Trial Balance, Profitability Analysis and Receipt & Payment Ledgers extremely handy and insightful. Tally.ERP 9 also helps them to seamlessly upload data from their three branch offices spread across Bangladesh in no time at all.

MRF Limited - Background

MRF Limited (MRF), an enterprise that started as a toy balloon maker in 1946 in South India and quickly grew to become one of India's biggest and respected companies. Renowned for product superiority and innovation, MRF continues to be the leading Tyre-maker in India. MRF branch offices are spread in different parts of the country besides being supported by a chain of more than 600 MRF T&S Franchises and more than 3000 MRF Exclusive outlets across the country and much more springing up each day. MRF T&S stocks the entire range of MRF Tyres and is equipped to provide services of computerised Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, and Tyre Changing.