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Release Notes for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2

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Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2 is packed with rich capabilities for quick and easy filing of GSTR-2. It simplifies the complex process of invoice matching and gives the flexibility to include missing purchase invoices to claim rightful Input Tax Credit.

GST compliance:

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2 generates GSTR-2 in JSON directly which is the accepted format in the GSTN portal.

Easy to reconcile:

Download GSTR-2 from GSTN portal. Open it in Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2. Select Yes to Update reconciliation of invoice status. The status of all the matching invoices gets Accepted within seconds. Our customers only have to Modify or Reject the remaining invoices from a single screen. This can save time for both business owners and GSTPs.

Invoice matching as per the need:

GSTINs of suppliers can be sorted or filtered based on invoice value, number of invoices, taxable value and invoices of a specific amount to get different overviews. GSTPs and business owners can use these views to expedite the invoice matching process.

Add invoices not available in GSTR-2:

Our customers don’t want to miss their rightful Input Tax Credit! They can now add missing purchases, and invoices of imports and reverse chargeable services which will not be available in the GSTR-2 downloaded from the GSTN portal, to claim Input Tax Credit.

Update books with only changed invoices:  

Before invoice matching, select Yes to Mark changed vouchers in F11 > Accounting Features. Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.2 marks all vouchers in which changes are made. GSTPs can export this data as an XML file to their clients for updating books after the completion. Clients who are on Release 6.2 can import this file from Gateway of Tally > Import Data > Vouchers and update their books.  

Prompt supplier action and get status:

GSTPs can take prints or send reports of missing, mismatching, under or over-rated invoices in GSTR-2 to their clients by email. Clients can inform their suppliers about the discrepancies and together take immediate steps to reconcile. They can also find out instantly how many invoices are actioned upon or are pending.

Export JSON of GSTR-1:

GSTPs can directly generate GSTR-1 in JSON and upload it in the GSTN portal, and save time by not having to use the offline utility tool for this. GSTR-1 filing is due next month.

Product Improvements

GST Masters

GST Transactions

GST Reports


Accounting and Inventory


Accounting Vouchers

Accounting and Inventory






GST Masters

     New nature of transaction Interstate Purchase From Unregistered Dealer – Services is provided as per the requirements of GSTR-2.

     New nature of transactions are provided for nil rated imports, exports and transactions with SEZ to capture the relevant values in the GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 reports.

GST Transactions

     The total of the Taxable Value (assessable value) and the tax amount entered in the journal adjustment entries are captured as Total Invoice Value in GSTR-1 and GSTR-2reports.

     You can enter the supplier invoice number and date in the fields Reference Number and Date in the journal and payment vouchers while recording purchases and expenses. For this, enable the following options provided in the Voucher Configuration screen:

●   Use ref. number in journals? for a journal voucher

●   Use ref. number in payment? for a payment voucher

     In the data migrated from Release 6.1 to 6.1.1, the cess amount calculated on the value and quantity was incorrect for stock items with compound units. This issue is resolved.

     When Punjab was the state specified in the company, the text Purchase value from Exempted Unit was printed along with the difference amount of the item value and MRP value in the GST sales invoice. This issue is resolved.

     In the voucher mode of a purchase invoice, the classification created for capital goods with taxable purchase did not appear in the GST Details screen. This issue is resolved.

GST Reports

     In the GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 reports, only the state code of the party types Embassy/UN Body and Government Entity will be validated for filing returns.

     The error Memory Access Violation appeared in some of the company data while opening the GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B reports. This issue is resolved.


     You can generate the .txt file for filing the quarterly e-TDS/TCS statements as per Version 5.6 (latest) of the File Validation Utility tool.

Accounting and Inventory Masters

     By pressing Shift + F3, you can now retain any alphabetical case in the stock item or ledger name. For example, you can enter the first alphabet of a stock item name (such as iPhone) in lower case.

Accounting Vouchers

     An MAV error appeared when the buyer’s address was selected in the Supplementary Details of a transaction, which included a separate consignee and a buyer. This occurred when the buyer’s address contained more than 5 lines. This issue is fixed.

     An incorrect ledger appeared in the Accounting Details of a purchase transaction. This occurred when the stock item was configured to be inclusive of duties and taxes, and default ledger allocation was specified for invoicing. This issue is fixed.

     F12 configurations were not retained in a sales invoice after a POS voucher was deleted. This issue is fixed.

Accounting and Inventory Reports

     When the Profit & Loss A/c had nil balance, it did not appear in the Balance Sheet. This occurred when transactions were recorded using multiple currencies. This issue is fixed.

     The Reorder Status section did not appear in the Stock Query report. This issue is fixed.


     You will notice an increase in the speed while entering bank details in the employee master.


     If you posted a response using a third party tool, Tally.ERP 9 was crashing. This occurred when the response contained a format character beginning with %, and the object already existed in the Tally.ERP 9 data base. This issue is resolved.


     Fixed Error in TDL, Part:Payment Print Config’ Both Parts and Lines that appeared when narration printing was enabled in a payment advice. This occurred when the payment voucher was recorded on or after 1st July 2017, using a bank ledger.

     When cost centres were used in a purchase invoice, an MAV error appeared when the voucher was printed in the display mode. This issue is fixed.

     The company logo did not appear when payment and journal vouchers were printed in the display mode. This issue is fixed.

     Fixed an issue where payment details did not appear when the POS invoice was printed in the display mode. This occurred when the payment method was other than cash.

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