Ucal Polymer Industries Limited - Case Study

Business Challenges

The leading polymer manufacturers were using Visual Basic to
manage their inventory during initial years of its operations.
They also used Tally since inception to manage accounting.
However, the constant juggle between the two software led to
incorrect report generation and considerable loss of man-hours
for the fast growing company.

Solution - Tally ERP 9 - Customization by Yennes Infotec

In 2008, one ofTally Solution’s partner in the region introduced
Tally.ERP 9, to Ucal Polymers. Having been so far completely
satisfied with Tally’s accounting module, the company was
pleasantly surprised to know its advanced capabilities to
manage inventory and payroll with ease. A simple demo of the
product convinced them to switch all their business operations
to Tally.ERP 9 instantly.

Business Benefits

With a team of 10 members dedicated to handle business
operations ranging from accounts to inventory to payroll and
taxation, Ucal Polymer has seen a 70-80% increase in overall
business efficiency since they moved to Tally.ERP 9. On an
average the company saves 2-4 business hours per day due to
the simplicity and ease of work that Tally’s intuitive design
provides. Ucal Polymer Finance Head is particularly impressed
with its inventory control features.

The Outcome

We believe that if Tally is implemented by understanding the
needs of the user, then whoever touches Tally will be happy.
We worked closely with the team at Ucal Polymers to understand
their needs and challenges such as Inventory by process, Excise
Invoice, Visibility and Control. After Tally.ERP 9 implementation
they are an extremely happy team with robust consolidated
account and inventory and statutory reports. They use 3 Tally
licenses now for their branches and are enthusiastic Tally

Ucal Polymer - Background

Since 1999, Ucal Polymer Industries Ltd. have a versatile manufacturing potential to cater to a diverse range of fields using polymer products including (but not limited to) automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace/aviation, energy and electrical areas. Ucal Polymer’s modern manufacturing unit at Pondicherry employs Lean Manufacturing methodologies to deliver high quality products. They command monopoly market share in their produce of specialized precision parts and are gradually expanding production to Maharashtra as well.