Supply Chain

Today´s enterprises are compelled to look beyond their internal operations, into the performance of their vendors and dealers. For an enterprise to be successful, it is mandatory that that the supply chain be in synch with the Principal. Any hurdle imposed by the supply chain might turn out to be a set-back of the entire system and therefore affects the profitability and growth of the company. Transparency and visibility of information across the chain is therefore very important. For ex.,

  • A secondary sales information at your dealer point is more crucial than your sales on him to know the real pulse of the market.
  • Stock position at your dealers place will help you plan your inventory & production
  • Region wise sales trends will help make corrective actions
  • Sub-contractor performance analysis will help you choose vendors

So is the situation, driving your vendors and dealers towards systemizing becomes a herculean task as there are diverse opinions and interests. Tally makes this initiative much simple with most of your business partners already embracing Tally for their financial requirements and hence selling this concept becomes extremely simple and easy.

Riding on this challenge, YENNES helps you in implementing a system that will provide you with a consolidated online information for business analytics. You can analyze, plan, forecast and decide in taking your business to greater heights. The solution involves connecting

  • Customer and his dealers / franchisees / service providers
  • Customer and his vendors
  • Customer and his branches / factories

The proposed system comprises of Tally in the front-end i.e, at every partner location (vendor or dealer) with the required changes to exactly suit the needs, achieved thru´ customization. Tally data is being synchronized at desired intervals at the head office / regional offices where they are consolidated. Consolidated data are seamlessly integrated with the help of a middleware into an application that provides key decision making information. Our wide range of technological services make these information available on the web or even as net apps for your android, i-phone and blackberry devices.

Thanks to the pan India presence of the Tally Integrated Network (TIN), we can do an extensive but personalized implementation and training to all corners of the country.

Some of the customers who are benefited in this model are

  • MRF Tyres
  • Aachi Masala
  • Tata Tele-services Ltd.