Addons in Tally

Add-ons in Tally are simply customized programs/extensions. These Add-ons/Tally Plugins, modify Tally in amazing ways and increase productivity, reliability & experience. Following is the List of all popular Tally Customization. Also, these tally add-ons can be customized as per your individual requirement.

This feature allows the user to safeguard his company data. The Automated Backup or Auto Backup is a capability that automatically takes data backup in the background without any disturbance or affecting your work.

Auto Mail while voucher saving & Outstanding Mail.

The data being generated is high, making it crucial for us to understand that data and use it for our benefit. In this add-on, one can see complete details of Ledger Master like Name, Address, Contact , Mobile, Email, State, GSTIN No, Credit Limit, in single glance.

With this Tally add-on you can simply disable inactive Ledgers and Item masters which you don’t want to show in the new voucher entries but continue to visible in the reports and old vouchers.

This Add-on allows an administrator to authorise a specific user to act as an authoriser for the selected voucher type’s entries made by other users. Until the authoriser checks and authorises the entries of the users, the entries made by the user remain unaffected in the accounts.

  • Print Grid Line in Invoice
  • Print Multi Vouchers with in Voucher Number range
  • Print Previous Balance In Invoice,
  • Print Stock Group wise Invoice Print
  • Print User Name in Reports, Print User Name In Vocuhers

This add-on allows the user to attach the relevant documents for any Voucher. User can assign document for Ledger and Stock Item also. The documents can be viewed directly from Tally Software from Ledger Report, Voucher Screen or Master Screen.

Now print Grid Lines in Tally Reports and invoice using this easy tally add-on. Compatible with both TallyPrime and Tally.ERP9. This add-on is useful to add horizontal gridlines in Tally Reports. Helps with ease of readability on screen and on paper as well.

Negative inventory is when a manufacturer’s inventory count suggests that inventory is below zero. There could be several reasons for negative stock. Regardless of why, it’s a widespread problem in the manufacturing industry, and some companies even use it as an actual business practice.

Recycle bin allows you to retrieve records that you may have accidentally deleted in Tally Accounting Software. It is similar to Windows Recycle-bin which allows you to recover the deleted files. This tool is completely free and you can use it without any restrictions.

The facility of digital signature in TallyPrime help you digitally sign and authenticate your documents with great ease. It secures your document from tampering, impersonation, and repudiation.