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Tally Definition Language is the application development language of Tally. TDL has been developed to provide the user with the flexibility and power to extend the default capabilities of Tally, and integrate them with the external applications. TDL provides a development platform for the user.

Looking to revamp how your organization works by adding more collaboration or, wanting to be on top of your game in providing excellent service to your customers. While you work on your core product idea, we got you covered in ensuring your organization functions smoothly across departments.


Add-ons in Tally are simply customized programs/extensions. These Add-ons/Tally Plugins, modify Tally in amazing ways and increase productivity, reliability & experience.

Data migration tools are used for moving data from one storage system to another. They do this through a process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data to ensure that its form is compatible with its new storage location.

  • Excel Import

  • MySQL Import

  • XML Import

  • MS SQL Import

  • JSON Import


Tally Integration API is a solution needed for seamless data exchange between Tally & any other database or application. When an organisation is using multiple, disparate applications, TallyPrime integration can help to centralize data & streamline tasks for better visibility & enhanced efficiency.