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YENNES can play a positive role irrespective of whether you are embarking on your first Tally implementation or looking to enhance the value of what has already been installed.

From planning to implementation to operation and ongoing development, YENNES offers complete Tally services. As a certified 5 Star Partner of the leading business management software vendor, YENNES has the required skill sets on Tally and can ensure the right mix for any business. YENNES can create a highly efficient process around Tally and enable greater user productivity by effectively combining the skills to your organizational needs.

YENNES can Optimize and Enhance Tally Ownership Experience – Learn How.


Customization & Enhancement

While customization is generally viewed as part of implementation, YENNES looks at it differently. The customization should not only address the current business needs, but should also be able to take care of the medium term future needs. Any customization should also enhance productivity while adding value overall.Many organizations knowingly or unknowingly stay away from the full feature implementation of Tally and as business grows over a period realize that new scenarios have developed and they need to be equipped to deal with them. It may mean a relook at the then implementation or a new enhancement around the existing implementation.

Given the in-depth knowledge of Tally, YENNES is uniquely placed to partner with the customer to unleash the full potential of Tally and even go beyond.


The implementation team of YENNES has experience across diverse industries – a fact borne out by many successful projects across industries and the continuing demand for the implementation skills of the YENNES team.

Given the relationship focus of YENNES, the team is completely enabled to give customers expert advice and assistance, geared to specific needs. The YENNES team collaborates closely with customers, right from the choice of the Tally product that would be the right fit, to high-level systems design and works closely in helping to define the Tally functionality required to meet current and future challenges. A key advantage of YENNES is the in depth knowledge of the various versions of Tally and the ability to combine this with the experience across industries, to execute a rapid and smooth go-live.

The approach is simple – capture and address all implicit needs of customers. Industry specific best practices and an implementation methodology perfected over the years ensure rapid, risk-free, and successful implementation from YENNES.


Tally is India’s leading Business Management Software Product. However, the success or otherwise of Tally lies in leveraging the capability of the product in full while implementing the ideal solution to address the business needs. Translation of the product features into a solution that enhances the business value is often the challenge faced by most customers and many compromise with a sub-optimal implementation.

Given that the investment is already made it is only fair to expect an appropriate ROI. It is here that YENNES can help by partnering to take on the challenge of re-implementation to harness the real potential of Tally and ensure that the optimism shown in choosing Tally in the first place is more than rewarded.

YENNES has a well defined process for re-implementation as such an exercise needs a participative approach given that the organization that goes in for re-implementation now has experience as an additional resource – the YENNES methodology incorporates this aspect into the process for success.

YENNES, through this innovative service has helped many customers in ensuring that the investment made gets them the expected ROI, if not more. Simply put, Investment and Return are Tallied.


New branches, New business lines or New acquisitions will mean extension of the Tally solution to take care of this new addition to business. YENNES is the right partner to ensure a smooth transition in case of any such eventuality.YENNES has a rollout methodology that combines standard Tally and industry tools with tools and templates developed in-house. YENNES has a library of reusable components that help in accelerating a rollout with minimum impact on day to business.

A structured approach and a well defined plan with in-built risk mitigation ensure minimum downtime during cut-over while keeping the calendar days of rollout as low as possible.

Support and Maintenance

YENNES has an impeccable record of providing application support to customers and is the pioneer in introducing the concept of AMC in the Tally world. In line with the YENNES belief of relationship beyond the contract, the entire support methodology is based on constantly adding value.The engagement model is very flexible with a highly experienced team offering innovative support through various modes, leveraging technology. Physical presence across locations also ensures speedy resolution where onsite support is required.

The YENNES AMC comes with an inbuilt promise of training new users in case of transition at the customer end. This ensures minimal disruption during transition and is just one example of the value addition that YENNES can bring to a relationship.

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